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Dog tired...
The past 3 days of intense hockey is may be a bit too much fom my old body.

Looking at Streatham junior's practice.
Ended up staying on with the Premier's practice until 11:30pm.
Brian pushed us through with his relentless pace. And it was awesome.
However, I ended up feeling utterly shattered.
At least, we don't have any match to play this weekend.
So my legs can recover...
by lovecarrie1 | 2012-01-25 00:39 | Ice hockey
A brimful of hockey
Writing my belated birthday card to my brother in law at Starbucks on Upper Street,
realised how knackered I am. Well, I am entitled to, I suppose.

Had matches on sat & sun. Played really hard and the both games were just brilliant.
A pure joy to be a hockey player.
God, I don't feel this much fatigue when I am on my feet.
Yet, once slumping on the chair, a wave of sluggishness envelopes me...

Anyway, at our away game in Swindon, we clinched our victory with a very convincing 6-4 win.
I scored the first goal of the match and the rest of my awesome team mates all had a go.
It was really sweet.
Yesterday's game at Brixton was 2-2 draw.
Again, I scored another goal at the beginning of the second period.
We were applying a constant pressure in their defensive zone. It was fantastic.
And our temporary goalie Becca put up an amazing agility and spirit.
She never crumbled under the pressure. She was so natural! Her bravery fired up all of us.
All in all, I had one of the most satisfying ice hockey weekend...

These are some of the images taken by my teammate, Kat P, who unfortunately
has been out of action due to her fractured ankle.

Pre-game team talk. I am No.26, by the way. You can't miss it. Because I am the shortest!

Face off! I am a winger (the third from the right).

Breaking out!

And attacking! Shoot!!

After the match, we all line up and shake hands. How civilised...

Chatting to the Premier's Canadian coach Brian. He is a really nice guy (^-^)

The girl on the left is our gorgeous goalie Becca. She was a super star!!
And the girl with her bum to the camera is our Eva. We've all gone giggly.

I am in the sin bin (the penalty box).
No, I've done nothing wrong. I just volunteered to be the official for our Premier's game.
Staying over 1.5hours in here, you are chilled to the bone...
Pass me my tea and refill my hot water bottle!

After being discharged from the sin bin duty, headed straight to Fujiyama on Vining Street.
Vegetable Gyoza & raw juice to kick start our dinner.

Followed by a steaming bowl of seafood noodle. A sheer bliss for my frozen stomach...

By the way, I am not all playing and no knitting.
The new season's sample making has already underway.
It will be blogged when it is ready (^_<)b

P.S. The coach has just informed us that our standing is second in the league now! YAHOO!!
by lovecarrie1 | 2012-01-24 01:25 | Ice hockey
Postmodernism @ V&A

I tuned into Film 4 by chance last night and found myself reacquainting with the film "Footloose" which was a blockbuster of the 80's. You remember? Kevin Bacon?
That spurred me to book tickets for the Postmodernism exhibition @ V&A.
The Postmodern era was the era I grew up in. The era which left me the most vivid memories of my life. The ambient of the Postmodern is an essential element everytime I recall my youth.
As I lived through it and witnessed it firsthand, I can't help being critical of it.
When I come to describe that particular time in a single word, those followings pop in my head -
lightheartedness, irrelevant, unrestrained, uninhibited & excessive...and so on
The exhibition at V&A covered a broad area of Postmodern culture.
The exhibits kicked off with architecture (Venturi, Isozaki, P. Johnson). Then furniture (Menphis mainly). Finally, rounded off with music (Craftwork, New Order etd) & fashion.
They translated Postmodernism fairly accurately though spared a significant amount of its cringe factor.
Paul was not that bothered about the architecture and disappeared towards the graphic design section quickly. So I wandered around the exhibition alone, listening to the 80's pop music blasting through
my earphones. And it was brilliant! Felt almost like time tripping to my nostalgic 80's.
While Hall & Oates were serenading, I admired excessively decorated teapots.
They seemed the least practical and had a "F**k all to form follows function" kind of attitude.

The object I was most delighted to encounter was Shiro Kuramata's chair "Miss Blanche".
I saw it once before in Tokyo in the 80's. How strange and wonderful to meet again in London.
I must admit the Postmodern era was a period of excess, physically & metaphorically.
It was over the top in many ways. And the people like me, who actually experienced it, are left feeling a bit embarrassed about it. Llike a hangover after a big party, you know.
However, I have never regretted that I spent my impressionable year in the 80's.
I enjoyed the optimism which was abundant then...
by lovecarrie1 | 2012-01-08 01:16 | Art & Design
Make Up For Ever...
Trekked out to Parsons Green, which wss such a pain in a** place to get to from Shoreditch.
However, I had to travel to the other end of zone 2 because I was intrigued by the eyeliner
which was acclaimed to be a pretty high performer among beauty critics.
The brand was Make Up For Ever and their only stockist in London was in Fulham.
Anyway, they had so many colours and I was trying them on my hand for ages.
When I picked a few amongst them and attempted to take the pencil marks off with a tissue,
I come to realise their true reputation. They didn't come off! No matter how hard I rubbed,
they didn't budge or smudge.
I was so impressed. The only problem right now is I look like suffering from a freaking skin disease...

P.S. I washed my hands with soap & water. And guess what, THEY ARE STILL THERE!

Make Up For Everっていうブランドなんですけど、落ちにくくて目が痒くならないって評判なのですね。アメリカではセフォラとかで売ってるんですけどロンドンではフルハムの辺鄙な場所にあるメイクアップアーティストのスタジオじゃないとお取り扱いが無いって〜(T^T)
by lovecarrie1 | 2012-01-05 00:23 | Health & Beauty
@ platform Earl's Court

Every time I come across this poster by British Museum, I find the face of the statue is a dead ringer to Akihiro Miwa - he/she is a Japanese singer/actor. His/her otherworldliness is beguiling...

by lovecarrie1 | 2012-01-04 23:35 | London guide
A Happy New Year!

by lovecarrie1 | 2012-01-01 19:38 | My thought